The environmental geology department was established in 2000. This group received the agreement in principle and the final approval from the research deputy of the central office of Jahad-e-Daneshgahi and the final approval as the Department of Environmental Geology from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in 2001, 2003 and 2004, respectively. The purpose of forming this group is achieving to the novel information and technologies due to environmental geology in Iran. In recent decades, the many tensions effects on the aquifers related to the depletion of water resources, and have leaded to the groundwater pollution resources to the variety of pollutants. The research and academic centers have not active to the groundwater pollution treatment industry for the complex reactions of aquifers and the high cost of treatment. According to the mission and vision of Jahad-e-Daneshgahi and Research Institute of Applied Sciences, the activities of the environmental geology department have been focused on the various methods for


  • Applied research to achieve the technical knowledge for developing quantitative and qualitative management methods of water resources, applying the research results in the industry contracting, developing international cooperation for the exchange of technical knowledge and information and forming the pole of the water resources pollution treatment.

Activity fields

  • Developing methods for assessment, identification and prevention of water pollution

  • Developing methods for treating the water pollution using by innovative biotechnology and nanotechnologies
  • Development of software modeling for processes of effected on the transfer and treatment of groundwater pollution
  • Development of methods for cleaning the oil pollution of groundwater resources

Faculty members

Ongoing projects