This group started its activity in 2000 as a research group of physics and vacuum technology in the Research Institute of Applied Basic Sciences of, and in 2002 it obtained its final approval from the Research Deputy of the Central Office of the Jihad Daneshgahi. The group also received its agreement in principle in 2003 and final approval in 2004 from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The group's title was eventually changed to nano and biophysics. At present, this group, with its specialized people and laboratory facilities, has succeeded in gaining the necessary technical knowledge to enter the field of commercialization, applied research of nanotechnology and biophysics in solving the country's problems.


  • Providing the fields of technical knowledge development and product production in the following areas:

  • a. Application of nanotechnology and biotechnology in the production of Higher value-added products from oil residues and various industries waste
  • b. Application of nanotechnology and biotechnology in monitoring and refining pollutants from various industries
  • Continuation of research that leads to technology, on a larger scale
  • Creating employment and training of human resources in different trends of nano and biophysics
  • Creating a ground for attracting researchers and specialists inside and outside the country
  • Establishing an active and constructive relationship with other research institutes and scientific and research centers

Faculty members