Petroleum geology research group was founded in 2010 in Shahid Beheshti branch of ACECR (Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research).
This research group carries out various research projects in different disciplines of geology (e.g. petroleum geology, sedimentology, structural geology, engineering geology, stratigraphy and paleontology) and geochemistry targeting explorational and reservoir studies and operations.


  • This research group has planned and pursues three major targets via carrying out various research projects to set up:

  • 1- A leading research group in hydraulic fracturing studies and modeling
  • 2- An advanced research center for reservoir geochemistry studies
  • 3- A leading research group in Basin Analysis studies

Activity fields

  • 1. Causes of Oil Soring in Sarvak Reservoir of Sirri D & C Fields and proposing appropriate elimination methods

  • 2. Comprehensive study of Sedimentary Environment (petrography, geochemistry and Palynostratigraphy) and sequence stratigraphy of Faraghan, Zakeen and Sarchahan-Seyahoo - Formations in South Pars (well SPD1-14) and G#5 and nearby fields
  • 3. Comprehensive study of the Arab Formation in the Persian Gulf
  • 4. The Geochemical Evaluation and Petroleum System Investigation in Sarkhun Oilfields, Bandar-e Abbas, South of Iran

Faculty members