Biotechnology refers to biological systems used to produce technological and applied products to solve the country problems; these products have a large market in the country. The essential priority of biotechnology is increasing as the cleanest and cost-effective technology in the world. This group was initiated in 1994. Doing some research and gaining scientific and practical experiences, currently working in the field of biotechnology. Our goals are developing applied biological products and using new and economical methods to solve industrial and environmental problems. With specialized human capital and appropriate laboratory facilities, this group has succeeded in achieving the necessary technical knowledge to enter the commercialization of applied research in the biotechnology field to solve the country's challenging problems. We hope to take some steps toward further growth and development through technological development and cooperating with capable individuals and groups.


  • Producing functional and biological products

  • Development of biological products required by the country under the quality and quantity condition

Activity fields

  • Production of natural and recombinant biological products

  • Biological products refer to proteins, fatty acids, polysaccharides, pigments and other compounds which are naturally or recombinantly produced by various plants, fungi and microorganisms. These products are applied in different industries. Many types of these compounds currently use in the oil, food, and cosmetics, pharmaceutical, animal and poultry feed industries, and agriculture. Biological products are the most important markets in the world. Bioproducts as an alternative to chemical compounds are on the agenda of many countries due to the environmental pollution and problems from chemically synthetic compounds that have caused the spread of various diseases and irreparable costs to countries over the years.

  • Optimization, simulation, process development and quantitative and qualitative increase of biological products

  • There is a need to develop processes and optimization of the products. Using bioinformatics and software methods such as simulation and design of experiments will be helpful. The quantity and quality development of the products in the country is a challenge. In order to international competition on imported products, our country is far from the world standards; there is an urgent need to increase the quantity and quality of biological products.
  • Nanotechnology
  • Nanotechnology is a new field derived from the biotechnology and nanotechnology combination. In fact, the link between nanotechnology and biotechnology provides good business opportunities. In nanotechnology, the structures and properties of nanomaterial and their applications along with biological compounds are used to solve industrial problems to eliminate environmental pollution. In this regard, due to the importance of producing applied products in the field of Nanotechnology in the form of convergent technologies and the development of a product-oriented approach, Nanotechnology has been considered as applied science.
  • All individuals who have creative products and ideas in the mentioned fields are invited to join us in the context of trust and friendship ...

Faculty members