Forty-third issue of Geological Quarterly journal was published. Forty-third issue of the journal “Geology of Iran” (Autumn 1396) was published by the Research Institute of Applied Science of Shahid Beheshti branch

According to the report of the Public Relations office of the RIAS of Shahid Beheshti  branch, in the new issue of this quarter, articles titled “Recognition of the important sources of karstic springs in Khuzestan province by  using the stable isotopes of oxygen 18 and deuterium,” “Investigating the role of silica fractional distribution In the evolution of tissue and mineralization of gold in the Ramand region (Qazvin province) “, “Geology, alteration, mineralization and geochemical studies in copper mine, Gol Cheshmeh region, south of Neyshabour” and “zoning of non-structural constructs using morphometric indices in Lali-Gotvand region, Khuzestan” were published.

According to this report “Magmatic mixing in high-mafic granodiorites and enclaves, evidence for magnetism of calc-alkaline type one from two underlying crust and lithospheric mantle”, “Geochemistry and mineralogy of Adakaite rocks in the village of Monoor, north of Tabriz (Northwest of Iran ), “Potentiometric analysis of manjil drainage sediments using GIS”, “Structural bonding of Hatem Abad with active fault of Beyaz plain, north of Qain-east of Iran”And the “structural elements of the transforming complex of the south of the neighborhood” are the other articles of this quarterly journal.

Iranian Geological journal is being published by Dr Saeed Mirzaei  as director in chief and chief editor  of Dr. Mohammad Hossein Adabi.

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