The 51st issue of Geological Quarterly was published. The 51st issue of the “Iranian Journal of Geology “(Autumn 1398) was published by RIAS of Shahid Beheshti branch.

According to the report of the Public Relations office of the RIAS of Shahid Beheshti  branch,

the new issue of this quarter Includes titles such as ” Study of original carbonate mineralogy of the Qom Formation using petrography and geochemical evidence in celestite ore section, Madabad, south of Zanjan “, ” The relationships between diagensis, fracture, distribution of matrix porosity, and well productivities in Bangestan reservoir of Ahwaz field“,  ” Geochemistry, and metamorphic evolution of the Sahib Az Zaman skarns and the related intrusion in East of Kerman” , and ” Geology, copper mineralization and geochemical behavior of elements and their relationship with Sandstone host rock in Tupchi area, East Azerbaijan province

According to this report ” the other articles of this quarterly journal are” Occurrence of copper mineralization of Abgareh  deposit based on geology, mineralogy and geochemical evidences, south of Damghan ” , “ Petrography, mineralography, geochemistry and calculation of elemental mass changes during hydrothermal alteration of Spid iron skarn ore deposit (West of Qom) ” , ”  Geomechanical zonation of the Faraghan, Zakeen and Sarchahan formations based on incorporation of rock mechanical and sedimentological studies, in one of the Persian Gulf oil fields “,  and                         “ Interpretation of aeromagnetic data for detection of magnetic basement and concealed faults in Basiran area, south of khorasan  “  .

Iranian Geological Survey is being published by Dr. Saeed Mirzaei as director responsible and chief editor of Dr. Mohammad Hossein Adabi.

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